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Williamsburg's Bar. A round bar top with two seats and some drinking glasses han

welcome to williamsburg Tamworth

We are Williamsburg - aka 'The Burg', and we are more than just Tamworth’s first ever gourmet burger bar. We’re a team, a family even, completely obsessed with giving you amazing food and an extraordinary experience! Established by locals, for locals, right here in the heart of Tamworth NSW

Behind the burg

The Burg’s story started in December 2016 when Luke, Darren and Sally Fielding, a family local to Tamworth took their passion for local business and hospitality and decided to create an experience that Tamworth had never seen before. The Fielding family had been running multiple franchises and investing in hiring locals in Tamworth for 10 years. They moved away from franchises to pursue something that allowed them more creative freedom. This lead to them taking a chance on starting their own business. That business is now known as Williamsburg.

It’s a dream built from nothing, a place for people to be themselves and a family dedicated to making the world a more interesting place.

The vision for Williamsburg was to create a dining experience akin to something you would experience in a larger city and bring it right to Tamworth’s doorstep. The goal was to create a restaurant like none other while staying true to it’s roots as a local Tamworth business. The home of Williamsburg is 87 – 93 Brisbane Street, also known as the Old Mechanic’s Institute. Being over 150 years old the building went through extensive renovations to transform it into The Burg. The Fielding’s worked with local builders, Tamworth Regional Council, and heritage architects to ensure the integrity and proud history of the building was upheld. From run down, un-loved and empty to now one of Tamworth’s must visit locations, The Burg will be around for many more years to come. We are #heretostay

Four black and white photos of Williamsburg. First on outside Williamsburg showing an older building and a sign that reads burger bar. Second an old lamp post outside of Williamsburg. Third a photo of Williamsburg's owner Luke working. Fourth a photo of Williamsburg while under construction, tools, materials everywhere.

Williamsburg is ‘more than burgers’. It’s a dream built from nothing, a place for people to be themselves and a family making the world a more interesting place. Williamsburg is Tamworth’s first burger bar, 'where everyone belongs'.

Inside Williamsburg. A man drinking at the bar. Two girls talking at a table and a group of boys laughing and eating burgers.

More than burgers

Let’s just say we hope you’re not on a diet! (but you know, we can try to keep those carbs down!). We’re all about epic burgers, loaded fries and sides, super shakes and daring desserts. We like to have a bit of fun, experiment and try out all kinds of crazy ideas, from throwing ice cream and toblerone on our burgers to beer towers and party cocktail trays, we like to get a bit extra. Speaking of beer towers we’re fully licensed if you want to pop in and crack a cold one with the boys or girls.

For our burgers and the rest of our food, locally sourcing our ingredients is the priority. From our locally baked buns, to meats, poultry and fresh salads we want to not only ensure that you get amazing quality and a rich flavour unique to Tamworth but also that we support other local businesses like ourselves. We take great pride in our food and the Williamsburg experience. We come from a franchise background (but we are not a franchise) so everything is structured to ensure only the highest quality reaches your plate. From our policies, procedures and our hiring and training. We are proud of what we do ,and how we do it ,and hold our integrity of both the food and your experience above all.

The Burg is ‘where everyone belongs’. We want you to feel comfortable and relaxed when you’re with us. It’s a place for you to be yourself and we hope you will be as proud of Williamsburg as much as we are. Tamworth deserves nothing but the best in hospitality industry and we’re obsessed with making sure the experience we provide is the best it can be.

So drop on in, loosen your belt, get the squad together and kick on in! It’s always a beautiful day to smash a burger! 🍔

Where to find us
The Burgs Address: 87 - 93 Brisbane Street Tamworth, NSW, 2340 Australia

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